Everyone Needs A Coach!

Expedite your success by working one on one with Paul Castain!

I'm Not Your Typical Coach

I work with my clients in a very different way than traditional coaches!

A traditional coach will ask you lot's of questions, and lead you on a path of self discovery, while providing you with very little of what experts refer to as "ANSWERS"!

By the time people reach out to me, they have lots of questions of their own and could sure use some answers. That's why I created a very different coaching format.

Here's what our time together would look like;

We'll start off with a quick update from you. I'll want to know what you've been up to, what's challenging you, opportunities you're in front of etc so we can brainstorm.

Next, we're going to have some accountability by reviewing the action items from our last session.

We'll then dive right into either a sales lesson I've prepared for you or brainstorming a challenge or opportunity you're facing.

We'll conclude the session with you telling me what you feel your action items should be.  My job is to make sure you aren't babying yourself while at the same time, aren't working yourself into an early grave!

Each session is approximately 45 minutes.

"Paul ISN'T for everyone! If you're extremely sensitive, Paul isn't your guy! But if you're willing to challenge your old habits, and really work to implement new action items, Paul will make you a better boss, and a better salesperson "

Pete Primeau  President, Primeau Furniture Sales

"Generate more sales . . ."

Paul offered dozens, if not hundreds, of ideas, hints and strategies of how to seperate myself from the massess while prospecting, how to build on communication to create awareness and how to create buzz and recognition around my area of expertise. Paul 's comments and thoughts helped me to clarify a strategy to help me build a better prospecting list, and, most importantly, generate more sales!

Rich Weatherby, Spectrum Business Enterprise

Topics Covered

There are a wide variety of topics where I can offer guidance. Here's a partial list;

Where and How To Hunt For Business

Questioning Skills

Presentation Skills

Closing The Undecided Prospect


Growing Your Existing Book Of Business

Winning Back Lost Business

Creating A Referral Engine

How To Generate MORE Leads Via LinkedIn

Personal Branding 

How To Write An AWESOME Sales Email

Dominating In A Competitive Industry

How To Get The Attention Of A Decision Maker

How to Get MORE Callbacks

Between Sessions

I'll ask you to email me an update on your progress. You'll receive feedback and additional email support. Our relationship will always extend beyond that time when the proverbial "meter is running".

You'll also receive occasional reinforcement emails, content etc from me.

What Makes Me Unique

For starters, I'm not one of these reps who sold for like 15 minutes and decided to get out and do something "safer", I've been ACTIVELY selling for 33 years.

That means you not only get someone who's been in the trenches, you get the benefit of someone who's still in the trenches just like you!

And I'm not someone who only cares about his paycheck turning the other way while you slack.

In my program we work and you're going to sweat.

I take my job as your coach as your guide seriously and I insist you take your time with me seriously too.

Not ready to make that kind of commitment?

Then stop here and do some soul searching!

Ready to make that commitment? 

Please read on!

When You Sign Up For Castain's Coaching Program, You'll Get:

  • (2) 45 minute, one on one sessions via phone or Skype  per month for 6 months
  • Email support

I've trained and coached over 20,000 sales reps, sales leaders, and business owners to sell MORE!

Invest In Castain's Coaching Program and
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$1800 For This 6 month program.