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The Problem With "Rah Rah" Speeches

Is that they wear off really fast!


Because the vast majority of them are “fluff” with zero to no substance.

But they feel so damn good at the time!

Everyone’s all pumped, motivated and energized.

Kind of like how you feel after a

Image result for red bull

Until the debilitating crash comes and you wonder;

What the hell did that motivational guy just teach me.

And that’s about all you have to show for it.

Not On My Watch!

First of all, if you’re looking for a “Motivational Speaker” feel free to leave now.

That’s not what I do.

Looking for someone to talk about value propositions and spew a bunch of silly training acronyms, you can leave too!

Want a bunch of philosophical concepts that contain no actionable tactics, see ya!

A Different Approach

My talks are interactive and they had better be too because the last thing sales reps want is a lecture or worse yet;

A Sermon.

We’re going to roll up our sleeves and;

Have an interactive discussion


And develop an actual plan so that;

When we finish;

Everyone is armed to go back and kick ass!

I’m a high energy guy (big shock) so I’ll be delivering this with a style that keeps EVERYONE engaged!

No outer body experiences on my watch!

What Topics Do I Speak About?

That’s going to be up to you and your team but here’s what I’ve been hired to speak about recently.

How To Hunt For Business More Effectively

How To Stay Top Of Mind With A Prospect Who Has Way Too Much On The Brain

Why Sales Is A Mixed Martial Art

How To Create Propinquity To Expedite Your Deals

How To Take Control Of Your Prospects (Without Being Controlling)

How To DOMINATE In A Competitive Sale

The 3 Drivers Of Sales Success 

Playbook For a Successful Year

It’s A New Year, Now What?

Consider this just a partial list to get you thinking.

With 33 years of hands on sales experience, and having trained over 10,000 sales reps, there’s not shortage to what we can talk about!

What Happens After I Speak?

Well immediately following all those "You hired a kick ass speaker"emails you're going to receive;

We're going to have a follow up program kick in so that;

All that great stuff we did during your event gets ACTED UPON!

And I think its REALLY IMPORTANT that I make myself available to you and your team for any questions or to bounce an idea off of.

What Sized Crowd Will I Consider?

My ego would love it if you could fill a stadium for me, but the reality is that I've been hired to speak in front of crowds as small as 4 to 1,000+.

Pricing and Availability 

Please email me paul@yoursalesplaybook.com for my availability and pricing.

Please send me as much detail as you can about your event and particularly WHAT you’d like to accomplish.

From there, we’ll schedule a quick call to discuss your event, pricing and my availability.

Should you choose to hire me, we're going to take the time to do this the RIGHT WAY!

I'll continue to tweak the initial outline I create for you and your team until you say "PERFECT!"

I'll speak with you and your team as many times as it takes to help you create an AWESOME EVENT.

“Imaginative, provoking and charismatic, his words have the power to influence and persuade others to look past their own boundaries and open themselves to new possibilities” Samantha Albright, Clipper Magazine

“Working with Paul as a keynote speaker for the ATSI  Conference in Orlando was very rewarding and set the bar very high for future keynote speakers to meet.

Paul took the time to learn about our industry and spent many hours on the phone speaking with me so he could deliver a unique presentation and not a “canned” show he had done many times before as has been my experience with other keynote speakers.

Paul delivered a very inspiring opening address and received the following comments from the attendees

“Great way to start the convention”

“Lots of quality tips and suggestions”

“Very Good !! I took copious notes“

“Good speaker – used examples relevant to my industry”

“Unique and different approach to sales, loved it”

Paul’s willingness and downright insistence to go the extra mile in preparing for our conference set the stage for a great event.

Wil Porter, Ansaphone Service, Inc

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Paul present “live” to over 100 salespeople from all industries. Paul is a man who will inspire you, make you laugh, and who you’ll always remember”

Troy Davis President, The Sales Association

With 33 years of battlefield experience, and having trained over 10,000 sales reps, Paul can help you ROCK Your event!