How To Hunt More Effectively

Capture Your Prospect's Attention With This Complete Communication Plan 

What You’ll Find Inside This Course

  • 10 ideas to help you hunt for business differently. I promise that in this session alone, there will be several ideas that will make you think differently about your hunting practices!
  • How you can master this thing we call “email”! I have tips that will help you with your subject lines, overall message, how to improve your response rates and a few tactics that will forever change the way you approach emails going forward!
  • How to use “snail mail” (and FedEx too) to stand out and get mucho responses in the process! And no, we’re not talking about massive direct mail campaigns here gang. We’re talking about simple, inexpensive things you can do on your own without that pesky marketing department getting involved.
  • How we can marry social networking into your overall sales efforts. I’m going to show you how to listen for important “clues”, how you can stand out and how you can transition your relationships off your computer screen without the conversation “getting weird”!
  • How you can use traditional networking to create some pretty powerful relationships. I’ll share some common mistakes (and how you can avoid them) and I’ll even show you how you can jump start conversations and gracefully end the ones that are going nowhere fast!
  • How to get more referrals from your existing business. I’ll show you a system I use that can double and triple the amount of referrals you’re getting. We’ll talk about when to ask for referrals and how to condition your clients to keep giving you more in the future!
  • How you can use creativity to stand out and capture the attention of your prospects. I’ll share numerous real-life examples of what sales reps are using in the field as well as a technique you can (and really should) use with your top prospects!
  • How you can work the phone into this entire process and as a bonus, warm up the “cold calls” quite a bit!
  • How you align all of the various “touches” into an effective communication plan.

Here's What You Get For Your $795 Investment

  • (9) 60 minute, online sessions
  • Worksheets
  • Reinforcement emails and additional content, eBooks etc.
  • A gentle nudge every now and again to make sure you're doing the work
  • Email access to Paul Castain during the duration of the course